Vitamin D Rich Food List

Many people search for a proper vitamin D rich food list so that they may ascertain that they are including vitamin D rich food in their daily intake. It is because of the fact that vitamin D is very essential nutrient for our body that not only helps in strengthening our body, but also provide protection against various possible diseases including deadly cancers. Before making a vitamin D rich food list, let us look about the advantages of vitamin D that we can attain.

Eating proper food items from the vitamin D rich food list regularly will ascertain that your body is absorb enough calcium which is necessary to maintain the strength of your bone structure and to ascertain that your bones will not go weak and brittle. Calcium is also necessary to keep our muscle and nervous system fit and fine. In addition, vitamin D also helps in strengthening our immune system so that we can fight back against various bacteria and viruses attacks. Thus, eating specific foods mentioned in a vitamin D rich food list will help in attaining strength and protection against various diseases. Some medical researchers have also found that people having high quantity of vitamin D in their blood are able to defend their body against various cancers including breast, prostate, and colon cancer.

Apart from eating food given in vitamin D rich food list, one can also attain vitamin D by exposing their body to direct sunlight. However, it will offer only a little amount of vitamin D which cannot be said sufficient. In addition, exposure to sunlight for long periods may cause skin cancer while it will certainly cause skin rashes, red skin, tans, and other problems. Yet, medical experts suggest that high level of vitamin D is helpful in avoiding internal cancer diseases. Obviously, the importance of vitamin D rich food list is very much but one can also take supplement food medicines such as Spring Valley vitamin D gummies to attain proper amount of vitamin D.

Along with knowing the vitamin D rich food list, it is also important to know the amount of vitamin D required for an average person. At early age below one year, babies require around 600 IU/day, however, an average adult person requires 800 IU per day. In addition, if a woman is pregnant or if she is breast feeding, she requires higher amount of around 1200 IU per day. On the other hand people above age 70 years require at least 800 IU per day to ascertain good health and fitness of their bones.

Vitamin D Rich Food List:
Milk, Fortified rice or soy beverage, fortified orange juice, fortified margarine, cooked herring, egg yolk, trout, various fishes including mackerel, tuna, salmon, and sardines.
All these food items are rich in vitamin D and this vitamin D rich food list will help you to ascertain that you are taking proper food to enrich your body with vitamin D. This will further ensure that you are able to attain proper health benefits of calcium and vitamin D both.

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