Vitamin D2

While many people understand the importance of vitamin D, not many people know that vitamin D is actually of two types, vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. Vitamin D2 is that vitamin D that our and the body of many other animals can produce by itself in presence of direct sunlight. We can produce our own vitamin D2 but more than often, we need to depend on other sources of vitamin D too. This is because of the fact that we fail to attain enough time to spend under direct sun to attain sun rays. On the other hand, eating proper food daily ascertains that we won’t suffer issues of deficiency of vitamin D.

The food items through which we may attain our vitamin D2 include egg yolk, tuna fishes, salmon fishes, and sardines. It should be noted that vitamin D2 can produce problems if the levels of vitamin D increases too much in our blood. We fail to attain proper amount of vitamin D by producing it by our own in presence of direct sunrays. This is because of the busy schedule of our modern life that doesn’t allow enough time to enjoy sun rays.

Vitamin D is important because it helps in proper development of our bones, nervous system, and muscles. It helps our body to assimilate proper amount of calcium and other minerals. It also increases the strength of our immune system so that we may prevent a number of health issues and sicknesses. However, excess of vitamin D2 may create vitamin D toxicity and hence, it is necessary to ascertain that we are taking proper amount of vitamin D. A newly born child just needs 400 IU of vitamin D that is provided by her or his mother through breast feeding.

Amount of vitamin D required by a healthy person also depends on his age. A person in between age group of 1 year to 70 years requires around 600 IU of vitamin D. as we grow older, our bones, muscles and nervous system starts getting weak and we need more of calcium and vitamin D. For an elderly person, 800 IU of vitamin D are considered as important for proper health. Deficiency of vitamin D2 may also cause depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, lack of vitamin D may result in rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

However, importance of vitamin D or vitamin D2 is much more than this. Proper levels of vitamin D can protect our body against various types of cancers and higher levels of vitamin D in blood of a cancer patient helps him or her to fight against and win against the cancer disease successfully. Many recent medical research reports have indicated the importance of vitamin D2 and vitamin D cancer treatment and this has increased the awareness of people about the importance of proper levels of vitamin D in their blood and body to ascertain proper health. While one can attain enough amount of vitamin D2 through food intake and self production, one can attain medical help to attain higher doses of vitamin D.