Vitamin D3 Side Effects

While vitamin D is an essential nutrient for our body, we should also be careful about the vitamin D3 side effects. Deficiency of vitamin D may cause serious health problems; however, vitamin D3 side effects also suggest that excess of vitamin D is not very beneficial. Before examining the vitamin D3 side effects, let us discuss about what is vitamin D3 and how is it different from vitamin D.

Vitamin D and Vitamin D3
Vitamin D is essential for your body. Without proper amount of vitamin D, your body will fail to absorb the adequate amount of calcium much needed for proper growth and health of bones, teeth, muscles and nervous system. Thus, good health without vitamin D is impossible. Vitamin D is actually a mixture of vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. Vitamin D2 is produced by plants and funguses and we take it through our food. Food items containing vitamin D2 include milk, soy products, margarine, mushrooms, fruit juices, oranges, etc. Vitamin D3 is produced by animals and since we are also in animal kingdom, our body is also able to produce vitamin D3 in presence of direct sunlight. Since our daily routine doesn’t permit us to expose ourselves in direct sunlight for long hours, we need to take extra vitamin D3 from animals through non-vegetarian foods. Rich food source of vitamin D3 are egg yolk, tuna fish, salmon fish and sardines. Vitamin D3 side effects suggest that since we can produce our own vitamin D3, we do not need to be dependent on non-vegetarian food too much.

One of the serious vitamin D3 side effects is that excessive vitamin D3 in our fat cells can create toxicity and that may prove to be dangerous. Excessive vitamin D3 will cause obesity too however, deficiency of vitamin D3 also causes obesity. While there certainly are some vitamin D3 side effects, we cannot deny the importance of vitamin D for our body. Recent medical reports also suggest that vitamin D helps as a protection against seventeen types of possible cancers in a human body. Thus, before contemplating over the possible vitamin D3 side effects and other problems, one will have to consider about the advantages of vitamin D3 too and will have to decide whether to risk for vitamin D3 side effects to obtain the advantages of having high levels of vitamin D. One can avoid vitamin D3 side effects by depending on vegetable foods rich in vitamin D as it will increase the overall level of vitamin D while your own body can produce enough vitamin D3 in presence of direct sunshine.

Vitamin D3 Side Effects Vitamin D3 Side Effects

While there are very few symptoms of vitamin D3 side effects, these side effects can be very difficult in some people. This is why it is important to consult with your physician to know more about symptoms of high levels of vitamin D3. One of the very common symptoms of vitamin D3 side effects is constipation. However, constipation isn’t such a big problem to ignore the advantages of vitamin D.

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