What are normal vitamin D levels?

In order to ensure that you are taking proper amount of vitamin D, it is necessary to know what are normal vitamin D levels as it will help you to take proper food rich in vitamin D regularly and if you find that normal food intake is not enough, you may also opt for food supplements to fulfill bodily requirements of vitamin D.

Before examining about what are normal vitamin D levels, let us take a look on the vitamin D rich foods that one can easily take regularly. Some specific fishes such as tuna fish and salmon fish are some of the richest source of vitamin D. in addition; fortified milk, cheese, yoghurt, egg yolk, fortified rice and soy beverages, and fortified margarine are some other foods that are rich in vitamin D. Along with knowing what are normal vitamin D levels, it is also necessary to know how much amount of vitamin D these foods will provide to you separately.

Vitamin D is very helpful nutrient for our body as it makes it possible for our body to absorb healthy amount of calcium mineral so that our bones may remain stronger and healthier. Vitamin D also helps in ensuring that our muscle and nervous system is working and functioning properly. Recent medical researchers have established more important role of vitamin D for proper health of our body as they have discovered that a person with higher level of vitamin D possess better chances to avoid cancer disease. In addition, they have also found through their research that a patient suffering from cancer has more than double the chances of survival and cure if the vitamin D level in his blood higher in comparison to the survival chances of a person with lower vitamin D levels. This further increases the importance of knowing what are normal vitamin D levels specially for African-American people because doctors suggest that because of their skin, they fail to attain proper amount of vitamin D directly when exposed to sunlight.
What are normal vitamin D levels?

According to medical experts, a newly born child requires at least 400 IU of vitamin D daily so that he or she may grow properly and his or her bones may become stronger. Proper amount of vitamin D ensures that the child won’t suffer diseases like rickets.

To know what are normal vitamin D levels for women, it should be considered that a pregnant woman needs more vitamin D so that she may provide it to her baby in womb too. Furthermore, a breast feeding mother also needs to take higher level of vitamin D so that her child may also attain enough amount of vitamin D. Normal vitamin D levels for an average adult is around 600 IU every day as this much vitamin D will ascertain that their body is fit, bones are strong and immune system is strong. However, elderly people requires higher amount of vitamin D because they need to absorb higher amount of calcium so that their bones may remain fit. A person above age 70 normally requires 800 IU of vitamin D daily.