What are Vitamin C Foods?

While there are only few vegetable foods that offer good quantity of vitamin D, vitamin C foods are available in huge variety. However, before exploring more about vitamin C foods, it would be beneficial to know about what is vitamin C and why is it useful for human body. While vitamins are not considered as strict nutrients required by our body for better health, vitamins are considered necessary for our bodies so that our bodies may absorb and assimilate essential nutrients properly. Thus, all vitamins, including vitamin C or vitamin D are very necessary for our proper development and health.

There are a number of rich vitamin C foods by consuming which; we can attain the daily requirement of vitamin C for our well being and proper health. Vitamin C is necessary for our immune system. It not only strengthens our immune system, it also prevents a number of diseases and allergies such as cold. Vitamin C is considered essential because it helps our bodies to absorb calcium properly so that our bones, muscles and nervous system may develop properly.
Lack of vitamin C may cause a number of problems such as brittle, weak bones, easy bleeding, and rupturing skin and so on. Deficiency of vitamin C is often considered as the main cause of some serious diseases such as sickles. This is the reason why one should know more about vitamin C foods so that they may consume such foods in enough quantities to avoid any deficiency of vitamin C or its consequences.

Vitamin C is a strong anti-carcinogen and recently, it has been found through medical researches that high levels of vitamin C may help a patient to successfully defeat some deadly diseases including cancers. This has further increased the importance of proper vitamin C foods and other ways to attain higher level of vitamin C. It has been found that a patient of cancer having a high concentration of vitamin C succeeds in restricting growth of tumors and cancerous tissues and also succeeds in killing cancer cells.
Unlike vitamin D, vitamin C is highly soluble in water and hence, it is easier for a person to expel any extra amount of vitamin C from their body through urination. This is why while there certainly are a few side effects of very high concentration of vitamin C in blood of a person, one can easily avoid any side effects and can safely take very high amount of vitamin C daily without suffering any bad consequences.

Some of the very common vitamin C foods include vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, and bell pepper. In addition, there are a number of fruits that contain high concentration of vitamin C. All citric fruits are rich vitamin C foods and other fruits such as water melon, black currant, strawberries, kiwi, acerola cherry, papaya, Amalaki, and guava are good resource of vitamin C. Along with these, green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, water cress, mustard green leafs, and turnip green leafs are also good vitamin C foods.