What Does Vitamin C Do?

We know that vitamin C is an important nutrient that helps our body growth and health maintenance, yet, it is important to know what does vitamin C do to our body. Vitamin C is generally found in a number of food items that we take every day. Some examples of vitamin C rich food sources include all citric acids, strawberries, acerola cherries, blackcurrant, kiwi, papaya, guava, Amalaki, and other fruits. In addition, one can also attain good amount of vitamin C by consuming broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bell pepper, tomatoes, spinach, mustard green leafs, turnip green leafs, watercress, chards, and other green leafy vegetables. Now when we have information about the food sources that are rich in vitamin C, let us explore what does vitamin D do to our body.

Vitamin C helps our body to absorb and assimilate other nutrients such as calcium, iron and other minerals so that these important nutrients can be used properly for the development of our bones. Vitamin C is also important for proper functioning of our muscles and nervous system. Vitamin C is used in various biochemical actions through which our body produces neurotransmitters and collagen protein. While these are important functions of vitamin C, there is a lot more about what does vitamin C do to our body. Vitamin C helps our body to strengthen the immune system so that we may remain safe against various bacteria and viruses attacks. Vitamin C offers proper resistance against health issues such as colds and flues.

If one explores about what does vitamin C do, he will come to know about the importance of vitamin C against the development and spread of cancer cells and tissues in cancer patients. Vitamin C is not only important for human beings and their well being, it is also important for pets such as dogs. Most of the veterinarians prescribe addition vitamin C for pet dogs as it confirms that our pets won’t suffer any skin disease.

While knowing more about what does vitamin C do, one cannot ignore what does the deficiency of vitamin C can do to our body. A person suffering from deficiency of vitamin C may suffer serious diseases such as Scurvy. Vitamin C helps our body to resist easy bleeding and it has a strong healing effect on our body. It is an important aspect of what does vitamin C do to our body. It not only helps our body to prevent and stop excessive bleeding, it also helps in healing and curing various injuries and wounds. Vitamin C is also necessary for the building of new tissues and muscles and hence, it offers a lot of help for a patient recuperating against a long term disease.

There are a number of advantages of proper levels of vitamin C and after knowing what does vitamin C do to our body, one should remain alert about adequacy of vitamin C in their body. Furthermore, even an excess of vitamin C doesn’t cause any serious side effect on our body.