What Does Vitamin C Do?

It is a well known fact that vitamin C is an essential nutrient for healthy body, however, a few people know about what does vitamin C do. After attaining proper information about what does vitamin C do, a person can remain more alert about the adequacy of vitamin C in his body. The very first thing about vitamin C is that it is required for various biochemical reactions that happen in our body to produce neurotransmitters and collagen. It should be noted that without proper neurotransmitters, our body functioning will be abrupt. Thus, vitamin C is very important. Along with this, vitamin C is also very important because it helps our internal body to absorb various minerals including calcium properly. This helps us in proper development of muscles, tissues, bones and blood vessels.
If you are looking for what does vitamin C do, you will come to acknowledge that vitamin C also offers great deal of help because of its healing effects. Deficiency of vitamin C may cause serious issues like scurvy. Vitamin C helps in recovering from diseases and it also helps in healing and curing injuries and wounds. Vitamin C is also helpful in stopping bleeding. In addition, a proper search about what does vitamin C do will also let you know about the benefits of mega doses of vitamin C for cancer patients. Vitamin C is a strong and effective anti oxidant. Thus, it can be used to prevent the development and spread of cancerous cells and tissues and it also is useful in treating cancer patients.

Now when you have attained proper information about what does vitamin C do, you may look about the adequate levels of vitamin C for a person to remain healthy. For a healthy adult male, 90 mg of vitamin C are considered sufficient for healthy and fit body if he is not addicted to smoking. If the person is a smoker, he will need at least 110 mg of vitamin C. Similarly, an adult woman will need 75 mg of vitamin C daily if she is not a smoker. But if she is addicted to smoking, she will have to take 95 mg of vitamin C regularly every day.
After knowing what does vitamin C do and being aware of proper levels of vitamin C required for healthy living, one will get curious to know about the ways to attain required amount of vitamin C. vitamin C is a natural nutrient and we can attain it through natural sources such as various citric fruits, strawberries, kiwi, papaya, water melon, acerola cherries, blackcurrant, guava, and Amalaki fruits are common and rich source of vitamin C. in addition, one can also attain good amount of vitamin C by using general vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, bell pepper, tomatoes, and others. We now know about what does vitamin C do and we also know the natural sources of vitamin C. Some more sources of vitamin C are rich green leafy vegetables such as spinach, mustard green leafy vegetable, watercress, chard, and turnip green leafy vegetable.