What is Liposomal Vitamin C?

We know that vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining our health and fitness and liposomal vitamin C is considered as the best way to attain required levels of vitamin C for medical purposes. Liposomal vitamin C is prescribed by doctors for those patients who require taking high doses of vitamin C immediately without any threat of side effects or toxicity of vitamin C. It is a known fact that vitamin C is highly soluble in water because of which, anyone can take excess of vitamin C without any fear of side effects because most of the excessive vitamin C will be removed through urination. However, higher dose of vitamin C may cause intestinal troubles and some people may suffer diarrhea too. For a patient already suffering weakness, it is not proper to take risks of facing diarrhea and hence, doctors prescribe liposomal vitamin C for such patients.

Unlike the ways of injections or IV for additional higher doses of vitamin C, liposomal vitamin C is preferred because it allows the patient to absorb more amount of vitamin C without actually harming his intestines and allows him to avoid any serious side effects. Not everyone needs to take liposomal vitamin C because in general, the requirements of vitamin C for a healthy person can be easily fulfilled through proper balanced food intake. Liposomal vitamin C allows a person to take as high as 1000 mg of vitamin C without any issue of side effects easily. However, the average amount of vitamin C required for a normal healthy body of an adult male is just 90 mgs while that of a healthy, adult female is just 75 mg.

Thus, a healthy person doesn’t need to depend on any medical way to raise the levels of vitamin C in his or her blood. One can easily attain the required amount of vitamin C through daily intake of fruits like strawberries, acerola cherries, papaya, blackcurrant, guava, Amalaki, and kiwi. In addition, every citric fruit is high source of vitamin C. One can also get vitamin C by eating vegetables like cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach, bell pepper, mustard green, broccoli, turnip green, Brussels sprout, and others. Still, if someone is required to take higher dose of vitamin C, he or she should prefer liposomal vitamin C.

Higher concentration of vitamin C may prove to be a relief or medicine for patients suffering from various ailments. Deficiency of vitamin C may cause serious illnesses including scurvy. In addition, vitamin C is certainly a strong healing agent and a strong nutrient that helps in recuperation against illnesses and weakness. Vitamin C also protects a person against common colds and other viral and bacterial health issues.

Liposomal vitamin C is very useful for cancer patients going under vitamin C cancer treatment as the higher level of vitamin C in their blood help cancer patients to fight against the growth of cancerous cells and it also helps in curing the cancer problems.