What is Liquid Vitamin C?

There are number of ways to attain the required amount of vitamin and one can also take liquid vitamin C to fulfill the bodily requirement. This is possible because ascorbic acid or vitamin C is highly soluble in water. In fact, citric fruits such as lemon and various other fruits contain liquid vitamin C that we can attain by consuming those fruits. Since vitamin C is soluble in water and we can take it as liquid vitamin C, we need not to worry too much about excess of vitamin C and we should concentrate over the benefits of vitamin C. As vitamin C is soluble in water, the excess of it can be easily removed by our body as we pass urine.

Liquid vitamin C is easy to take and proper amount of water will also confirm that even if you take too much vitamin C, you won’t suffer abdominal cramp that can be a general symptom of excessive vitamin C in blood. There are a number of good resources of vitamin C which includes fruits and vegetables both. One can attain good amount of vitamin C by consuming fruits such as Amalaki, blackcurrant, acerola cherries, strawberries, sour sop, sweet-apple, kiwi, and watermelon. Fruits such as water melon offers liquid vitamin C.

One can also take liquid vitamin C by making a solution of vitamin C powder that is available as a medicine. Vitamin C is very beneficial for our body. It is required for the completion of certain bio-chemical reactions that happen in our body through which, neurotransmitters are produced. These neurotransmitters are essential for proper functioning of our nervous system. Liquid vitamin C acts as an essential constituent and as a catalyst for the completion of these bio-chemical reactions. Vitamin C is also beneficial because it can help a person to prevent cancer and various medical research studies have suggested that higher amount or level of vitamin C in the blood of a cancer patient proves to be helpful for the patient to get properly cured. A person having vitamin C deficiency faces less chances of proper cure than a person with high levels of vitamin C. That is why vitamin C is prescribed as a cancer treatment.

In general, a healthy person, male and non smoker just needs 90 mgs of vitamin C and female needs 75 mgs of vitamin C to maintain proper health. By knowing this, one can attain the proper normality or concentration of liquid vitamin C solution in water to take proper amount of vitamin C and even if a person happens to take vitamin C in excess, he will be able to expel the liquid vitamin C out of his body through urination.

Along with various natural fruits, some vegetables also contain high amount of vitamin C. Some vegetables such as tomatoes contain liquid vitamin C. Other vegetables having rich amount of vitamin C are broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, and Brussels sprouts. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach also contain good amount of vitamin C.