What is the Difference between Vitamin B6 and B12?

In this article, we will peruse the differences between vitamin b6 and b12 and will find out the causes and uses of these two vitamins later on. These vitamins give our body the power to explore new world. Including vitamin b6 and b12 in our dietary plan can bring great results and can provide you healthy effects. Both these vitamins have certain differences and effects on human body and each one plays important role. In fact, both of these vitamins have certain differences and specific role to play. Even though vitamin b6 and b12 are from the same complex group or family but still they have crucial differences in them.

Vitamin b6 is the nutshell and plays vital role in production of protein and red blood cells. Increasing metabolism rate and having complete control over it is done by this vitamin. In the body, it converts sugar into energy for giving your body the strength so that you may enjoy living. As this vitamin is water soluble and does not contain fats in them. The deficiency of this vitamin can cause obesity and the higher levels can cause neuropathy but you need to have it in the required levels to be fit and to attain the well balanced results. Right levels can bring right results because vitamin b6 and b12 are good to have in the right levels. If you suffer from the lower quantity, you need to consider some medications so that you may enjoy living as you wish.

Most of the time, vitamin b12 is required in the human body for production of the red blood cells, DNA synthesis and neurological functions. It gives you complete bonding with protein through foods so that the minimal amount may provide you handsome effects. Vitamin b12 is released by hydrochloric acid and the gastric protease in our stomach. This is the only water soluble vitamin that stays in the body for long time because other vitamins are excreted from body through urination. The deficiency of such vitamin can bring harmful results in the body.

Vitamin b6 and b12 are from the same family but have different functions to perform. The deficiency of vitamin b6 can affect nerves, muscle membrane, skin and red blood cells. On the other hand, the deficiency of vitamin b12 causes neurological dysfunctions and dementia. All these problems and effects can be taken away from your body within no time if you contain vitamin b6 and b12 in your body in the right levels. It brings good results in your body when you will use it in the required levels. It would be handy to have all what you are looking for.

Both of these vitamins are good to have in human body because they play vital role and specific functions in our body. We should have them in the right levels to be fit and to have fresh look on our faces. Vitamin b6 and b12 are great to have to get perfect looking results.