What is Vitamin C Deficiency?

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient required to maintain a healthy and fit body while vitamin C deficiency may cause some serious repercussions. Before knowing more about the possible side effects of vitamin C deficiency, let us explore about the appropriate amount of vitamin C required by a normal person. Requirement of vitamin C depends on person and his or her habits. In general, a healthy male adult requires just 90 mg of vitamin C daily while an adult healthy female requires just 75 mg of vitamin C. This much amount of vitamin C can be easily attained through our daily food intake without needing any food supplement because there are a number of fruits and vegetables that contain rich amounts of vitamin C. As for example, all citric fruits are rich resource of vitamin C.

Other than citric fruits, other general fruits will also help a person to avoid any vitamin C deficiency and possible side effects. These fruits rich in vitamin C include strawberries, papaya, Amalaki, guava, blackcurrant, kiwi, and acerola cherries. Vegetables rich in vitamin C will also help in avoiding vitamin C deficiency. The vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bell pepper, spinach, turnip green, water cress, mustard green, chards, and other green leafy vegetables contain rich amount of vitamin C.
Now we know about the general requirement of vitamin C in our body and we also know the best and natural way of attaining the required amount of vitamin C. This will help in avoiding issues related with vitamin C deficiency. Furthermore, requirement of vitamin C also depends on a person’s habits. As for example, an adult male dependent on smoking will require more amount of vitamin C (around 110-120 mg of vitamin C per day) as it will help him in avoiding any serious respiratory problems and will also prevent cancer. Similarly, an adult female addicted of smoking will require 95-100 mg of vitamin C daily.

Vitamin C deficiency may result in various skin problems, easy bleeding, difficulty in recuperations against injuries, wounds and illnesses, scurvy and other various issues. Furthermore, medical research results have shown that a person suffering deficiency of vitamin C fails to attain proper cancer treatment successfully. Thus, it is necessary to avoid any deficiency of vitamin C. Apart from taking vitamin C naturally through proper daily food intake, one may also take help of medicines containing rich concentration of vitamin C. These medicines can be in form or syrup, serum, tablets, powder, capsules, or liquid drinks. Vitamin C is highly soluble in water and this makes it possible for a person to take vitamin C easily as liquid drinks.

While vitamin C deficiency may cause some serious problems, excess of vitamin C may also result in vitamin C toxicity, however, the side effects of vitamin C toxicity are not that much dangerous. This is because of high solubility of vitamin C in water through which, excess of it is removed from our body through urine.