What is Vitamin C Ester?

In order to attain proper amount of vitamin C, one may take vitamin C powder, tablets, liquid vitamin C or vitamin C ester. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid that is highly soluble in water but it can make esters too that can be taken by a patient to attain enough amount of vitamin C to maintain good health. Taking vitamin C ester reduces the chances of vitamin C toxicity and hence, all patients that are prescribed to take high doses of vitamin C often prefer to take vitamin C ester.

While a healthy adult male or female requires just 90 mgs and 75 mgs of vitamin C respectively, a healthy person can take as much as 2000 mgs of vitamin C without suffering any risks of vitamin C toxicity. This is because of the high solubility of ascorbic acid in water through which it can be easily removed through urination. However, if a person takes vitamin C ester, he further remains safe against the probability of vitamin C toxicity that may cause abdominal cramps and pains, constipation, and gastric troubles. When a person takes high dose of vitamin C, it requires higher amount of water in the intestines that causes abdominal cramps.

In order to avoid vitamin C toxicity completely and to maintain proper level of vitamin C in blood of a healthy person, he may chose to depend on natural resources of vitamin C such as citric fruits and various vegetables. Some very common fruits that contain good amount of vitamin C are sweet-apple, black currant, acerola cherries, sour sop, kiwi, guava, watermelon and Amalaki. All these fruits are easily available and these contain rich concentration of vitamin C in fruit flesh. However, if one needs to take high dose of vitamin C, he may either take liquid vitamin C or vitamin C ester.

If a person is looking forward to medicinal supplement to get enough vitamin C level in their blood, vitamin C ester will prove to be good option for such person. However, if a person doesn’t want to take any medicinal supplement and just wants good concentration of vitamin C in his body, he may opt for various vegetables to be taken in his daily food intake. These vegetables that are rich source of vitamin C include bell pepper, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and spinach. Like spinach, other green leafy vegetables, such as mustard green leafs, and turnip green leafs are also good resource of vitamin C. Yet, if one is looking to attain high dose of vitamin C, he should opt for vitamin C ester as it will not only offer high dose of ascorbic acid in ester form, it will also prevent vitamin C toxicity.

Vitamin C ester proves to be very helpful for patients suffering from cancerous diseases. Higher doses of vitamin C help in reducing the growth of cancer and it also kills the cancerous cells and tissues. Vitamin C ester has many advantages for a person to attain proper health and it avoids any deficiency of vitamin C.