What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D is a genuine and necessary nutrient which is required our body however; one cannot understand the importance of vitamin D without knowing what is vitamin D3. Vitamin D is actually a mixture of vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. So let us contemplate about what vitamin D2 is and what is Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D is essential because it helps our body to properly assimilate and make use of the calcium which we take through different means. Without proper and adequate vitamin D, our body will fail to make proper use of calcium which we take and that will cause various health issues including weakness of bones, tooth decay, muscle weakness, and ill function of nervous system. In absence of proper amount of vitamin D, our body will also fail to have a proper and strong immune system that can protect us against various illnesses and diseases. So what is vitamin D2 and what is vitamin D3?

Vitamin D2 is the vitamin D that can be produced by plants and funguses in presence of direct sunlight. This vitamin D2 is essential for our body and we take it through our food as we take milk, cheese, butter, margarine, fruits, orange juice, and mushrooms in our daily food items. This vitamin D is very healthy and there hasn’t been found any side effects of vitamin D2 in human body. So what is vitamin D3 that may cause side effects?

Vitamin D3 is that portion of vitamin D that our body can produce by itself in presence of direct sunlight. By exposing our body in direct sunshine, we allow our skin and body to produce its own vitamin D which is necessary but its excess may cause serious side effects. However, producing vitamin D in this way in proper amount isn’t possible in modern lifestyle as we spent very less time in direct sunlight and our busy schedule doesn’t allow much time to stroll in sunshine. So how do we attain this part of vitamin D?

After knowing what is vitamin D3, let us enquire about how to obtain enough amount of vitamin D3. Not us, but every species of animal kingdom can produce its own vitamin D3. Thus, by consuming other animals or by eating non-vegetarian foods, we can attain adequate amounts of vitamin D3. Some very rich resources of vitamin D3 are egg yolk, tuna fishes, salmon fishes, and sardine fishes. There are many other rich sources of vitamin D3 and every non-vegetarian food contains some or more amount of vitamin D3.

What is Vitamin D3 What is Vitamin D3?

Now when we know what is vitamin D3, we should also realize that excessive vitamin D3 in our body may cause some side effects which further explains why non-vegetarian food is not very healthy for our body. We have explained about possible side effects of vitamin D3 deficiency and side effects of excess of vitamin D3. But it is also worthy to know that high levels of vitamin D3 also helps us as it helps in protecting us against various types of cancers.