What to do with Too Much Vitamin C

While more and more people are becoming concerned about the importance of vitamin C for their better health and proper development of their kids, many people worry about too much vitamin C and its repercussions. Just like any other thing, too much vitamin C may also cause side effects. However, it is very rare to suffer the side effects of vitamin C excess or too much vitamin C. The basic reason for why a person should not worry about the issue of vitamin C toxicity or excess of vitamin C is that vitamin C is very soluble in water and hence, even if a person takes too much vitamin C, he will be able to expel the extra amount of vitamin C through urine. However, vitamin C toxicity is still possible. This is the reason why doctors advise healthy people to avoid taking any medicinal vitamin C dose as a healthy person can easily attain enough amount of vitamin C for a healthy body through natural food resources of vitamin C.

If you are worried about too much vitamin C, you should take only natural food courses of vitamin C as that won’t cause any problems. The daily required amount of vitamin C in a healthy adult male is just 90 milligrams and that can be attained by taking some fruits and vegetables regularly. An adult female required lesser amount (around 75 mgs) of vitamin C daily for maintaining good health. However, a healthy person can easily consume around 2000 mg of vitamin C in a day without going through any repercussions of vitamin C toxicity.

If you are dependent on regular fruit and vegetable diet for your daily vitamin C intake, you should have no fear about too much vitamin C and its possible bad effects on your body. While some fruits, such as Amalaki, sour sop, sweet-apple, strawberries, water melon, kiwi and others have rich amount of vitamin C, you cannot eat too many fruits to suffer vitamin C toxicity and the concentration of vitamin C in these fruits is not too high. One may also opt for eating vitamin C rich vegetables daily. Such vegetables include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bell pepper, cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach and other green leafy vegetables. Eating too much of these vegetables and fruits cannot cause the situation of vitamin C toxicity and hence, a person depending on natural diet for his or her daily intake of vitamin C won’t suffer issues of too much vitamin C.

Too much vitamin C may cause abdominal cramps, digestive problems and constipation. In elderly ladies, too much vitamin C may result in excessive fat too. However, no serious side effect of vitamin C toxicity has been reported. Too much vitamin C however may prove to be helpful for cancer patients going through vitamin C cancer treatment. Medical experts often prescribe higher doses of vitamin C for cancer treatment as it helps cancer patients to recover easily. Benefits of excessive vitamin C for these patients often prove to be more valuable than the side effects.