Which foods contain vitamin D?

After knowing the importance of vitamin D for our body, anyone may feel curiosity towards knowing which food contain vitamin D so that they may attain enough amount of vitamin D to get proper health benefits. Before examining about which food contain Vitamin D, let us summarize the importance of vitamin D for our body. Vitamin D helps our body to remain healthy and fit as it helps in absorbing the mineral calcium which is necessary for strengthening our bones and vitamin D and calcium are also necessary for our body so that our muscle and nervous system may work properly. However, this is not all, vitamin D also helps us in strengthening the immune system of our body so that we may successfully fight away various bacteria and viruses and more importantly, vitamin D helps our body in avoiding risks of various cancers including breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

Because of all these very important benefits of vitamin D, it becomes important to properly know which foods contain vitamin D as it will help us to ascertain that we are taking proper quantity of vitamin D daily and hence, to ascertain that we are actually attaining proper health benefits of vitamin D. However, apart from eating proper foods that contains rich amount of vitamin D, there is one more natural way to attain a fractional yet significant amount of vitamin D and that is to expose our body in direct sunlight. Our body can naturally produce vitamin D in presence of direct sunlight however, long exposure to sunlight may cause rashes, tans, and other skin problems and it may prove to be risky because long exposure may also cause skin cancer. Thus, it is important to know which foods contain vitamin D.
Some of the foods that contain vitamin D are tuna fish, salmon fish, and sardine fishes. Furthermore the list of which foods contain vitamin D also include yogurt, fortified milk, fortified fruit juices, fortified margarine, fortified cheese and other food products. Along with knowing which foods contain vitamin D, it will also be beneficial to know about the actual amount of vitamin D required daily to keep our body fit, strong, healthy and fine. For newly born babies, 400 IU/day of vitamin D are required and hence the amount of vitamin D required for a breast feeding mother is obviously higher while the average vitamin D requirement of an adult is around 600 IU/day. However, as we grow older, our bones become weaker and we require more calcium and vitamin D to remain fit. People above age 70 require around 800 IU/day to remain healthy.

After knowing about which foods contain vitamin D, it is genuine to enquire if there are other ways to complete the requirement of vitamin D for our body. While we can attain vitamin D through various foods and exposure to direct sunlight, there are ways to attain more vitamin D by taking food supplements rich in vitamin D.

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