Why Do We Need Vitamin D in Our Body?

Vitamin D plays vital role in human body and it is considered as important as food for human especially usable in the old age. Why do we need vitamin d? It has been found that vitamin d plays its vital role in immunity, cancer prevention and autoimmunity, insulin regulation, joint and muscle health, mood and depression, blood pressure control and rickets. So, if you ponder for sometimes, you’ll find it necessary for human body to make every problem away. Insomnia, muscular pain and soft bones can happen to the person by wake of it.

The Need of Vitamin D:
Vitamin d is very important for human body and it plays vital role in it. It makes us to stay away from blood pressure and fatigue. Vitamin d deficiency can cause the problems like osteopenia, fatigue, hormone problems, diabetes, depression, infertility, PCOS, frequent infections, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, muscle and bone pain, auto-immune conditions like arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Why do we need vitamin d? To get rid of such problems, there is the dire need of vitamin d intake so that you may get yourself away from all the problems.
Moreover, the breastfeeding and pregnant suffer from deficiency of vitamin d as they require more vitamin d for the growth of baby. So, you should get checked. If the mother is not having supplement of vitamin d, the babies are required to feed 200IU of vitamin d supplements per day.

Why we are so deficient of Vitamin D:
Vitamin d is reducing in human body day by day by wake of usage of sun protection creams and lotions. The sunscreen lotions usage is increasing with the passage of time and to avoid sunburn looks sound but going too far in this race is not good at all. We do not go in the sun and prefer to work in office, homes or in the shadowy area. So, we are becoming deficient of vitamin d and suffering from lack of vitamin d. The people are wondering why do we need vitamin d but they will need not to wonder more now. If you expose yourself in the sun for 20 minutes, you’ll get about 400IU. So, the lack of vitamin d will never happen and there will be no need of supplements of vitamin d.

How We Can Get Vitamin D:
When you are suffering from the lack of vitamin d; the available sources like cod fish oil and oily fish can be used to intake vitamin d sufficient for your body. The food like Mackerel, salmon and herring can fulfill the requirements of your body so that you may not suffer from such issues. Why do we need vitamin d?

Vitamin D is good for your body to fulfill your requirements and you can have it for having your fitness level maintained well. Moreover, cod liver oil contains higher level of vitamin d and eggs and cottage cheese includes lower level of vitamin d in it. So, get the required level and be merry.