Why is Vitamin D important?

If you are wondering about why is vitamin D important for proper health, this article will offer proper answer to you. Vitamin D is a nutrient that our own body can produce in presence of sunlight however, we can also attain it through our daily food intake as many plants and animals contain good amount of vitamin D. Before examining why is vitamin D important, let us take a look on the food items that are good source of vitamin D. These rich vitamin D sources include fortified milk, fortified fruit juices, orange juice, fortified margarine, egg yolk, cheese, tune fishes, sardines, and salmon fishes and various other food items that we may consume every day.
We will know why is vitamin D important but first let us discuss about what is vitamin D. Our body can produce vitamin D by itself in presence of direct sunrays. However, our daily busy routine doesn’t offer much time to attain benefits of exposure to direct sunlight. Furthermore, direct sunlight may cause various skin problems including rashes, red patches, itching, and in some cases, skin cancer. It should also be noted that people with fairer skin can produce higher quantity of vitamin D. Thus, it is necessary for us to attain our requirement of vitamin D through other means. We can attain vitamin D2 by consuming vitamin D rich vegetarian food items. However, we may attain Vitamin D3 by consuming non-vegetarian food items.

Now when, we know the food sources of vitamin D, we can discuss about why is vitamin D important. Vitamin D helps a newly born child’s to develop proper bones, teeth, nervous system, and muscle system as it helps in absorbing proper amount of calcium that we take through our food intake. Why is vitamin D important is evident as deficiency of vitamin D may cause serious illnesses in children such as rickets. Vitamin D is also important for grown up people as it protects them against depression and a number of other mental issues. In addition, vitamin D also strengthens our immune system. So, why is vitamin D important for elderly people? Elderly people require more amount of vitamin D because of the weakening of their bones, muscles, and nervous system. To maintain their health, they need to consume more amount of vitamin D.

Deficiency of vitamin D may result in depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and various other problems. Why all this explains why is vitamin D important, the importance of vitamin D has been increased by some recent medical research reports that suggest that vitamin D can play an important role in the successful treatment of a cancer patient.

Vitamin D not only provides proper protection for a healthy person against seventeen types of cancers, it also ascertains a reduction in growth of cancer. This helps cancer patient to recuperate and save their lives. Higher level of vitamin D in a patient’s blood increases the chances of positive and successful treatment and this is why vitamin d is important.